Advanced Hand and Foot Care. CND has developed pioneering professional nail products since 1979 by using CND we can provide the highest quality nail services, ensuring a longer lasting and professional result.

CND Shellac

The ultimate long lasting manicure! The original “power polish” CND Shellac combines the ease of polish with the incomparable high gloss shine and extended wear. There is no damage to the nail because no filing is required and it’s easy on and off in just 10 mins. Shellac UV3 technology locks in the lustre for a fresh from the spa look that lasts up to 2 – 3 weeks without chipping and dries instantly so no more smudges!
Shellac Finger or Toes 30 mins – £21
Shellac French 35 mins – £24
Shellac Finger and Toes 60 mins – £40, Shellac French 1 hr 10 mins – £45
Full Manicure Shellac Finger or Toes 1 hr 15 mins – £51, French 1 hr 15 mins – £53
Removal Shellac 15 mins – £12

CND Creative Nails Enhancements

Our nail technician is creative nail academy certificated which is world renowned for its standards of excellence within the nail and beauty industry.
Full Set 1 hr 15 mins – £40
Re-Whiten £32
In-Fill £26

Minx Nails

Minx nails are a new and exiting professional only concept that is sweeping the nation. Here at Zen we offer the ever so popular Minx nails, offering exiting individual designs that are as unique as you are. Fashion for both fingers and toes. Minx nail armour is a durable, flexible veneer, which is kind to the natural nails.

  • No drying time or smudges
  • No chipping
  • No chemicals (so good to you and the environment)
  • Durable and long lasting (up to 6 weeks on toes)
  • Quick to remove and change designs

Fingers or Toes 30 mins – £22
Fingers and Toes 45 mins – £40
Full manicure and Minx fingers 1 hr £44
Full pedicure and Minx toes 1 hr £45

Nail Art available on request

CND Creative Luxury Pedicure  (£39) 45 mins

We don’t take care of our feet as much as we should! There is nothing more relaxing then a pedicure in our luxury pedicure chair with heated booties, which doesn’t just relive stress it transforms the feel and appearance of your feet leaving you with a lovely polished result. This treatment is highly recommended and provides a feeling of relief, hydration and nourishment, whilst protecting the nails and reinforcing them.

CND Creative Luxury Manicure  (£35) 45 mins

Hands are tremendously vulnerable and delicate our luxury manicure provides an intense treatment to restore damaged skin hydrating, repairing, nourishing and protecting. It provides long lasting benefits to the hands, vitamins, ceramides and alpha hydroxyl acid citrus complex work together to help reduce signs of aging and leave hands feeling exceptionally smooth and ultra moisturised. This treatment also repairs and protects nails reinforcing them. The cuticles are also given a thorough tidy up and nails shaped. And your choice of CND polish will be applied.

Luxury Spa Manicure or Pedicure Package add on  (£10) 15 mins

(Spa rituals our luxury hot Pindas scalp massages, exfoliation and follow on with hydrating wrap to soften and hydrate the skin).

Bellissima Gel Nails – Manicure Gel nails

Bella Forma Bellissima nail gel is applied to fingernails to enhance beauty and provide long lasting protection for superior to traditional nail varnishes. Bellissima Gel is available in a range of colours and is elegant and hard wearing. It does not scratch, wrinkle or discolour in normal use.
Bellissima Gel has been formulated as one of the bests systems on the market, but improved upon based on customer and salon feedback over 20 years. Bellissima International has managed to create a gel that overcomes all the weaknesses of other gels.

Bella Forma Colour Gel  (£28) 50 mins

Treatment includes nail preparation and application of gel

Bella French Manicure Gel  (£35) 40 mins

Treatment includes nail preparation and application of gel

Bella Forma Colour Extensions  (£33) 1 hour

Treatment includes nail preparation, application of tips or sculptures and application of gel.

Bella Forma French Extensions  (£38) 1 hour 15 mins

Treatment includes nail preparation, application of tips or sculptures and application of gel.

Infill Nail Extensions  (£20) 30 mins

Includes up to 3 nail repairs

Pedicure Colour / Glitter Nail  (£24) 20 mins

Treatment includes nail preparation and application of gel

Bella Forma Gel Glitter Nail Art Decals

Nail art available on request. Messy Gel Marbling, gel & glitter, gel dragging, gel and nail art decals

Soak Off  (£10) 10 mins

Soak Off (when having new set applied)  (£5)

Benefits include no yellowing, no lifting, self levelling, soak off in 10 mins, 4 weeks maintenance, Colour Gel does not wrinkle, more chemically resistant.

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