Facial Therapies

The Zen Spa Prescriptive  (£47) 1 hour

Our skilled team of therapists will provide you with a most prescriptive treatment designed especially for your skins needs. Regardless of your skin type, age or concerns this facial will specially cater to your skins needs. Includes a highly relaxing lymphatic drainage facial massage, together with a scalp massage, leaving your skin fresh clear and radiant.

Diamond Lustre Anti-Aging Sparkle  (£58) 1 hour

A spectacular treatment based on the skincare benefits offered by stones, crystals and minerals. The treatment incorporates a luxurious diamond dusk mask for that touch of glamour! Rich in zinc and iron this treatment regenerates and restores the skin’s youthfulness, increasing the skins luminosity whilst also combating the signs of aging.

So Delicate  (£50) 1 hour

This treatment is designed for very sensitive skin. In 89% of case studies the sensations and signs of sensitive skin (uncomfortable sensations, burning sensations, itching, tautness and redness) are returned to normal in just one session of treatment.

Prescriptive Balancing Facial  (£47) 1 hour

This treatment is designed for combination / oily skin. It helps as an anti-inflammatory, absorbs sebum, anti-bacterial regenerating effect. Giving a pleasant, fresh, calming feeling. Skin will look smoother and less congested and give the skin instant radiance.

Hydracure with Obsidian Stones  (£65) 1 hour 10 mins

An advanced therapy using the very latest technology to provide total skin hydration. Containing high, medium and low weight molecular ingredients, Hydracure restores hydration, prevents water loss, strengthens and improves the firmness of the skin. Also using thermal aqua from a volcanic spring in Japan rich in nutrients, this treatment will provide immediate and lasting hydration. A complete feeling of comfort and your skin will be left soft, smooth and radiant. Our facial massage incorporates the use of our Obsidian stones – a thoroughly indulgent therapy.
(Suitable for pregnancy)

Hydradvance  (£60) 1 hour 15 mins

Sothys brand new intensive hydration treatment provides concentrated active ingredients that have been specially selected to simulate hydration genes.
The new exclusive, patented active ingredient – Boletus 1055 extract helps to retain water in the upper layers of the skin whilst reinforcing the skins natural barriers against water loss.
Combine with Sothys exclusive cosmeceutical complex and innovative active ingredients the skin becomes more hydrated, youthful, beautiful, comfortable and radiant.
34% increase in hydration after 1 week from treatment
37% improvement in radiance and comfort

This programme is designed to re-educate the skin’s natural hydration process giving you longer lasting protection against de-hydration and dryness.
(Suitable during pregnancy)

© Collagen Hyaluronique  (£60) 1 hour 15 mins

An intensive anti-aging treatment combining the latest anti-aging technology and exclusive massage techniques according to each stage of the aging process. An exclusive professional diagnosis is provided by the highly trained Sothys therapist to determine your skins “cosmetic Age” or “grade” enabling them customise the anti-aging solution.
With clinically proven and long lasting* results thanks to a new technology cosmeceutical patents coupled with the powerful effects of marine based collagen, hyaluronic acid the first exclusive complex developed by the research team at Sothys Auriac.

28% lines and wrinkles reduction
63% improvements in skin firmness after 1 treatment

A course of 3 treatments is recommended £192
(includes 2 home care products)
42% lines and wrinkles reduction after 3 treatments
92% improvements in skin firmness after 3 treatments
(Suitable during pregnancy)

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