Body Treatments

Body Treatments and Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

NEW Lymphatic Drainage Full Body Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage: a type of massage based on a hypothesis that it will encourage the natural drainage of the lymph which carries waste products away from the tissues back towards the heart. Helps the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance and immune functions.

Best result for weight loss – after just one session see amazing results, 5 sessions lose 1-2 dress sizes (Suitable for Male / Female / Post pregnancy).


Spa Marine Deep Hydration  (£52) 1 hour

For deep hydration and nourishment for a skin which is dry following exfoliation. Your treatment includes a wrap and massage with all the rich benefits of the sea in combination with essential oil. Best recommended in preparation for sun exposure and for re-hydrating the sun after a holiday.

Lighter Legs  (£50) 1 hour

The perfect treatment for tired, heavy legs, perfect in pregnancy. A cooling and refreshing treatment designed to reduce puffiness, fluid retention, improves blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and provide the hydration and nourishment they need
(Suitable for pregnancy)

Detoxifying Re-mineralising Mud Wrap  (£60) 1 hour 30 mins

Get washed away with all the power of the ocean and achieve total well being with spa marine re-mineralising treatment. The skin will feel wonderfully re-vitalised and full of energy which may have been lost through everyday stress and pollutions. You will be wrapped in generous amounts of warm, creamy spa marine mud which is applied with a holistic massage designed to calm and sooth the mind. For anyone who has aching joints, muscular pains, medication and illness.

Exquisite Choco Therapy  (£60) 1 hour 15 mins

Enjoy chocolate without eating a single calorie! Sweet appetising and harmlessly addictive. . . This therapy is based on the a rich exfoliation with particles of true cocoa, together with a creamy wrap that not only leaves the skin totally hydrated and toned, but also models and refines the silhouette and the appearance of orange peel skin.

Multi Sensorial Odyssey  (£60) 1 hour 15 mins

An incredible blend of the finest, most expensive spices, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, cardamom, rice & sesame oil, bamboo, poppy seeds. An exceptionally rich exfoliator that leaves the skin soft and conditioned. Envelop your skin with a precious “silk” and enjoy an exotic massage with Obsidian stones. Like a second skin this exquisite mask deeply hydrates your skin and provides it with a satin appearance and silky touch.

Timexpert C+ Body Envelopment  (£60) 1 hour

Loaded with vitamin C this envelopment provides an extraordinary regenerating effect on the body, stimulating collagen production, improving firmness and suppleness. Your treatment commences with a body polish rich in vitamin C, lemon and papaya concentrate and continues with a relaxing massage as the vitamin wrap is gently applied to the body.
Combine a Timexpert C+ with a facial 2 hrs 10 mins – £100
(Suitable during pregnancy)

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