Advanced Facials

Timexpert Lifting (lifting and volumising)  (£68) 1 hour 15 mins

A highly effective facial that not only “lifts” but adds density and volume to skin losing its tone. Cosmetic lifting innovation: the best alternative for shaping the face and turning back the hands of time to reveal beauty and youthfulness. Kombucha, better known as the “fungus of long life” is the main ingredient with lipo filling properties. The facial outline appears renewed, visibly firm and redefined. The most effective anti-aging therapy with immediate visible results for the face and neck.

Timexpert Rides (lines and wrinkles)  (£68) 1 hour 15 mins

Especially for lines and wrinkles an incredible therapy which uses the very latest in innovative technology with high quality ingredients that work to plump our lines and wrinkles, for a smoother and more youthful appearance inspired by surgery, Timexpert with micro-Dermoxine is the first complete anti-wrinkle treatment which neutralises dermo contractions, fills in expression lines and smoothes wrinkles. This effective skincare treatment is used extensively as an alternative to botulinic toxin and collagen micro injections. It miraculously rejuvenates the facial expressions in just one session giving a wonderful youthful appearance.

Timexpert C+ (Revitalise dull and tired skin)  (£55) 1 hour

Germaine de Capuccini presents the new anti-aging lined based on vitamin C, helps to recover skins hydration, firmness, skin that lacks life, affected by stress.
It retextures, exfoliates the skin and is combined with an incredible “peeling”. Instant luminous mask which has a tautening affect, immediately minimising the appearance of pores and expression lines. Skin appears firmer glowing with youthfulness.
(Suitable for pregnancy)

O2 Pure Oxygen therapy (oxygen anti-aging)  (£65) 1 hour

A superb anti-aging treatment which uses a complex of active proteins and oxygen to rejuvenate inter cellular activity to increase the skins firmness and elasticity. A key ingredient “Life-Cytoxygen” provides real stores of molecular oxygen encapsulated in innovative ceramides that work from the skin surface to the deepest layers allowing the skin to recover the optimum levels of oxygen and appear more radiant and detoxified. A truly superb treatment with very real visible results which includes our advanced anti-aging facial massage.

Timexpert white (pigmentation & luminosity)  (£68) 1 hour 15 mins

An extraordinary treatment to prevent, regulate and correct dark spots while uncovering the luminosity and youthfulness of the face, respecting its balance.

Strategist Refine  (£60) 1 hour

Inspired by the medical aesthetic technique of micro dermabrasion “Strategist Refine” renews the epidermis with no aggression, no long treatments, no surgery, with safety and effectiveness. The treatment visibly minimises skin irregularities that have appeared progressively over the years and that attack the youthful appearance of the face (often caused by stress, sun damage and dehydration).
Large pores are minimised, dark spots, lines and wrinkles are reduced and erased. The skins texture recovers a spectacular smoothness and luminosity. These treatments are good for reducing milia and stop milia developing. Best used between surgical peel.

Our exclusive “Kobida” massage may be added to any anti-aging therapy for a prolonged spa facial experience, Kobida originates from Japan was once reserved for royalty. This exquisite and intricate 30 minute massage is offered to our top spas and salons exclusively, the results are quite incredible with a visible lifting effect being seen immediately – £30.

[w+] Brightening programme 1 hour

A cosmeceutical programme for instant radiance and the treatment of pigmentation, blemishes, sun damage, and uneven complexion problems.
This treatment provides complete skin renewal, luminosity and radiance whilst combating the effects of damage caused by sun, pollution and aging process that can leave pigmented spots on the skin. Combining our unique [w+] complex, pure vitamin C, anti-aging & illuminating plant actives and the revolutionary H2CR complex, this dual treatment programme provides clinically proven results.
The combination of resurfacing and brightening treatments will give immediate results after the first treatment the skin is radiant and smooth
38% increase in radiance after the 1st treatment. 62% increase after 4 treatments
7% reduction in pigmentation after the 1st treatment. 26% reduction after 4 treatments
A course of 4 treatments once a week is recommended
NOT recommended during pregnancy or for any types of sensitive or reactive skin.

Resurfacing peeling care + Vitamin C serum 60 mins – £55
[w+] Brightening treatment + Vitamin C serum 60 mins – £50

Active Contour  (£30) 30 mins

A specific treatment for the delicate eye area. Effective results on fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and lack of firmness. This relaxing treatment relives tiredness, reduces congestion and smoothes the skin. Suitable for all skin types to leave the eyes feeling refreshed and bright.
A course of 4 treatments is recommended.
Can be combined with any facial treatment.
(Suitable during pregnancy)

Flash Beauty  (£30) 30 mins

An express treatment providing instant results with actives of vitamin C, Mandarin, and Citron essential oils to provide instant radiance. The skin is radiant with a luminous complexion, hydrated and smooth. You will receive a gift of a 10 day home care serum to maintain the results. Suitable for all skin types.
(NOT suitable for clients with a nut allergy)

The Essential Facial Care  (£35) 1 hour

A prescriptive care to maintain and protect all skin types. Helps to preserve the beauty and strengths of the skin and maintains a natural healthy glow.
The treatment is customised by the beauty therapist according to your concerns and needs of the skin.
(Suitable during pregnancy)

Correcting Treatment  (£45) 45 mins

A specific treatment to correct and regulate oily and blemished skins. With Glycolic & Salicylic acids, Liquorice and Tea Tree to provide an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action. The skin is left smoothed, deep cleansed, purified, resurfaced with blemishes and imperfections reduced.
A course of treatments is recommended
NOT recommended during pregnancy
or for dry and sensitive acne skins

Seasonal Facial Cares  (£45) 1 hour 45 mins

Just like the seasons our skin changes. Sothys have created the Seasonal Facial Cares as a reflection of this change. Launched twice yearly with the new active ingredients these treatments will rejuvenate, hydrate, smooth, brighten and protect the skin from the elements. The client is offered the serum as a gift of 7 days application to enhance the results at home.
(Some treatments are suitable during pregnancy see individual treatment listings)

Resurfacing Peeling Care  (£50) 1 hour

A double action peeling treatment for all skins concerned with lack of radiance, tiredness, blemishes, scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, flaky skins and rough uneven skin tone.
Using micro-dermabrasion exfoliation and Glycolic acid peel, this treatment will deeply resurface the skin while our cosmeceutical complex and oxygenating actives will remove all particles of pollution and deeply repair and protect the skins deeper layers to provide you with a smooth healthy glowing complexion.
One treatment per month is recommended.
NOT recommended during pregnancy or for any types of sensitive or reactive skins.

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