Holistic Therapies

Our highly trained therapists can provide a range of holistic therapies to suit your needs


Reiki therapy is a gentle, non-invasive touch therapy that improves your holistic health to restore you physically, mentally and emotionally. Reiki is a Japanese healing therapy using internal energy channelled through the therapists healing hands to relieve tension and help relieve ailments such as insomnia, stress, migraines and many more. Reiki threats your whole body and will leave you with an all over sense of peace and well being. With regular Reiki treatments you will find yourself better able to cope with the challenges if life. All our facials and body treatments can include Reiki as apart of the treatment with no extra cost – the customer will get the full benefits of the treatments.

Swedish Massage  (£52) 1 hour

This massage uses 5 styles of flowing strokes, firm yet gentle pressure to kneed out any tensions. Our therapists will select from our range of essential oils to ensure the treatment is tailored to suit your needs, leaving you feeling uplifted and refreshed. An excellent massage for general relaxation.

Reflexology (Traditional)  (£52) 1 hour

This ancient Chinese traditional technique uses specific pressure point massage on the feet to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. Tension and stress will be melted away as your mind and body is completely re balanced. You will be literally walking on air after this treatment.

Hot Stone Massage  (£79) 1 hour 30 mins

“The perfect massage medium is born”. Stone therapy goes beyond the realms of a traditional massage by awakening the senses, converting all feelings to bliss and relaxing the body to its deepest level. In rejuvenating the body’s physical state, the mind body and soul will blissfully follow, crating a full balancing and invigorating experience from head to toe.

Indian Head Massage  (£46) 1 hour

A powerful and relaxing massage to de stress the mind and ease tension areas commonly found in the head, neck, back and shoulders using drainage techniques and pressure points to relax the body and incorporating “Chakra Points” to unwind the mind, this treatment will leave you with an overall feeling of well being.

Hopi Ear Candles  (£46) 1 hour

This treatment is an ancient art of heeling designed to relieve the pressure of the ears, nose and forehead. A light suction gives a feeling of warmth and creates a balance of pressure in the sinuses. The treatment helps relieve pressure before and after flying.

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