Zen Brands

Zen Spa are proud to use only the best available brands for all spa treatments.

Germaine De Capuccini

Zen Spa are delighted to provide you with simply the very best available.

The premium products and treatments offered by Germaine de Capuccini are found in the most exclusive salon and spas throughout the world, and are offered by the most highly trained beauty therapists in the industry today and have developed some of the worlds most talked about skin care formulations.

The successful combination of natural active ingredients with cutting edge technology has enabled the company to create some of the most influential skin care products and professional spa therapies the beauty industry has ever seen.

If environmental issues are your concern, the Germaine de Capuccini carbon zero policy, backed by official certification means that they not only recycle and re-use, but they also plant trees to offset any small amount of carbon produced.

Germaine de Capuccini is dedicated to keeping you, and the planet beautiful.


More than sixty years ago, Sothys formed a top of the range approach to professional skincare which places the customer and their well being at the heart of their treatments. Scientific advances and a concentration of spa and salon exclusive availability has ensured that Sothys have stayed true to the luxury professional skincare market.

Sothys research and development laboratories in Brive, France are continually launching new and exclusive methods to combine luxury and effectiveness for all major concerns.

Sothys, a star of such matchless radiance and beauty she filled
the heart of Saturn with a burning passion, only to be
de-throned from the sky by a jealous lover.

Worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of eternal beauty and radiance Sothys today is risen again dedicated to the pursuit and achievement of beauty for people the world over.

Sothys – the legend that is the symbol of eternal beauty.