Spa Bath

Sea Bath  (£25) 25 mins

100% natural marine salts enriched with Laminaria Algae that make the bath a rich source of trace elements and minerals of sea water.

Nature Bath  (£25) 25 mins

For the lovers of essential oils. 5 different combinations (Vitality, Relax, Active, Svelte, and Aqua) with multiple fragranced natural essences that harmonise with the bath water to enjoy a unique moment.

Rich Cleopatra Bath  (£38) 25 mins

A true “Cleopatra Bath” rich in milk proteins and marine collagen. Its mousse texture caresses the skin and its ingredients transfer hydration and nourishment. A true treatment of well being for the body, mind and spirit.

Oriental Escape  (£38) 25 mins

Immerse yourself in a fragranced vanilla bath that invites deep relaxation with a rich aroma and its soft foam. A bath that awakens the senses.

All the above Ritual baths will be carried out with our luxurious hot Pindas scalp massage to give you a total relaxation journey to Zen.