Body Art

Jinny Rainbow & Jinny Rocks are representing and expressing a form of creative body art for today’s stylish, artistic generation.

With a signature selection of over 100 glitters and shimmers to suit every occasion. With a fabulous choice of over 200 on the spot designs and an on hand world famous body artist, JinnyRainbow is the perfect add on to any outfit.
With designs lasting up to 7 days, the glitter and shimmer powders can also be used as a fantastic make-up range.

Embrace your inner rock star with JinnyRocks a new addition to the JinnyShop range. Choose from over 80 sparkling coloured crystal gems and Swarovski crystals to create the ultimate body design. Perfect for all occasions JinnyRocks are the most sought after body jewels. JinnyRocks are a temporary and fun way to add eye catching sparkle to any event. JinnyRocks body jewels are created from the highest quality cut glass and Swarovski crystals to guarantee a dazzling crystal shine finish. Light in weight and easy to apply, sparkle and shine all year round with JinnyRocks.

Small Stencil Designs  (£5 - £10)

Medium Stencil Designs  (£10 - £15)

Large Stencil designs  (£15 - £20)

Free Hand Body Art

Costs are variable depending on size and detailing, please discuss this with our staff in store.

Gem Kits  (£1) 1x large gem or 2x small

Water proof ad lasts up to 7 days Pain free and skin friendly (child friendly).
Quick to dry